Adobe Illustrator CS for Dummies
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This book is written to make your journey into Adobe Illustrator flexible and self-paced. Each chapter is as self-contained as possible. You can hop in anywhere you want, with a minimum of flipping to other parts of the book to find out what you missed. If your goal is to find out more about the Pencil tool, for example, you can skip everything else and go directly to Chapter 8 without getting hopelessly lost. On the other hand, if you’re determined to find out as much about the program as possible, you can read the book from cover to cover. I organized the book so that the chapters move from simple to more complex concepts. The early chapters make a good base for understanding the latter ones.

Use this book as both a reference book and an on-site trainer for Adobe Illustrator. To find out more about a specific feature, look for it in the Index or Table of Contents. To get a more in-depth feel for the feature, follow the step-by-step instructions that accompany the information on the major features.

By and large, people get more out of doing than out of reading about doing. Adobe Illustrator is a classic case-in-point. Don’t bother to memorize anything in this book. Instead, pick up a concept, work with it in Illustrator for a while, and then come back to the book when you’re ready for something new. Above all, have fun with it! Adobe Illustrator is one of the coolest programs on the planet. With a little practice, you can be creating illustrations that knock your socks off.


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