Advanced Linux Programming
صفحه : 368 زبان :  سال : 2001 میلادی حجم : 3.72 مگابایت رسته : 

برنامه نویسی پیشرفته لینوکس با استفاده از زبان c، در این کتاب با مباحث پیشرفته ای مانند چندریسمانی ، سنکرون سازی ، ناحیه بحرانی و مدیریت آن، ارتباط بین فرآیند ها و غیره آشنا می شوید.

Advanced Linux Programming is divided into two parts. The first covers generic UNIX system services, but with a particular eye towards Linux specific information. This portion of the book will be of use even to advanced programmers who have worked with other Linux systems since it will cover Linux specific details and differences. For programmers without UNIX experience, it will be even more valuable. The second section covers material that is entirely Linux specific. These are truly advanced topics, and are the techniques that the gurus use to build great applications. While this book will focus mostly on the Application Programming Interface (API) provided by the Linux kernel and the C library, a preliminary introduction to the development tools available will allow all who purchase the book to make immediate use of Linux.


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