Algebra II For Dummies
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Here you are, contemplating reading a book on Algebra II. It isn’t a mystery novel, although you can find people who think mathematics in general is a mystery. It isn’t a historical account, even though you find some historical tidbits scattered here and there. Science fiction it isn’t; mathematics
is a science, but you find more fact than fiction. As Joe Friday (star of the old Dragnet series) says, “The facts, ma’am, just the facts.” This book isn’t light reading, although I attempt to interject humor whenever possible. What you find in this book is a glimpse into the way I teach: uncovering  mysteries, working in historical perspectives, providing information, and introducing the topic of Algebra II with good-natured humor. This book has the best of all literary types! Over the years, I’ve tried many approaches to teaching algebra, and I hope that with this book I’m helping you cope with other teaching methods.


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