Andersen's Fairy Tales First Series
صفحه : 88 زبان :  سال : 1886 میلادی حجم : 784.91 کیلوبایت رسته : رسته : 

داستان های افسانه ای نوشته هنس کریستین اندرسون

The present volume is the first of the selected stories from Hans Andersen. Together the books include what, out of a larger number, are the best for children's use. The story-telling activity of this inimitable genius covered a period of more than forty years. Besides these shorter juvenile tales, there are a few which deserve to survive. "The Ice Maiden" is a standard, if not a classic, and "The Sandhills of Jutland" was pronounced by Ruskin the most perfect story that he knew.


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