As I Lay Dying
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The book is narrated by 15 different characters over 59 chapters. It is the story of the death of addie bundren and her family’s quest and motivations noble or selfish to honor her wish to be buried in the town of jefferson. As is the case in much of faulkner’s work, the story is set in yoknapatawpha county, mississippi, which faulkner referred to as my apocryphal county, a fictional rendition of the writer’s home of lafayette county in that same state. Addie bundren, the wife of anse bundren and the matriarch of a poor southern family, is very ill, and is expected to die soon. Her oldest son, cash, puts all of his carpentry skills into preparing her coffin, which he builds right in front of addie’s bedroom window. Although addie’s health is failing rapidly.

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