Blogging for Dummies
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در این کتاب شما آموزشی کامل از نحوه ساختن وبلاگ ها و همینطور مدیریت آن را مشاهده خواهید کرد

My intent in these pages is to reveal the total world of blogging. That total world includes the following:
-  Understanding exactly what a blog is
-  Knowing how to get a blog
-  Being aware of the potential pitfalls
-  Finding an effective blogging style
-  Smoothly joining the blogging community
-  Searching for blog content and tracking topics
-  Detailing specific blog programs and services
-  Trying fancy blogging techniques such as moblogging and podcasting
-  Using RSS to be a master blog reader
-  Possibly making a few dollars with a blog


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