Building Confidence For Dummies
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این کتاب بیش از هر کتاب دیگری، در رابطه با مسئله اعتماد به نفس و روش های بدست اوردن ان صحبت کرده است و راه حل هایی بسیار کاربردی در این رابطه به خواننده معرفی می کند.
Type the word ‘confidence’ into an Internet search engine and you can expect over 50 million hits. That’s a lot of published material about something so natural. It is also an indication of the breadth of the subject so, as you want to get straight to the heart of your confidence, we have been selective in Building Confidence For Dummies.
The task ahead of you is to build your confidence so that you can be more powerful, more engaging, and more at ease in every aspect of your life. These areas include your work and your private life (friends and family, romance, community, and so on). We steer clear of more complex explorations of personal development and except where they translate into immediate practical guidance.

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