Building Research Tools With Google For Dummies Document
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This book describes the different aspects of Google and provides the information you need to successfully :
- Understand the various Google tools, and how they can help satisfy your research needs
- Use Google’s custom search syntax to effectively find information

- Determine whether the information you need can be found through Google (and where to start looking for it if it cannot)
- Become a better researcher by learning tips, tricks, and techniques honed by top research professionals
- Learn how Google works, and what mechanisms it uses to respond to search queries
- Harness the power of the Google APIs to build your own research tools

If you want to understand how to become a better researcher, or how to use Google more effectively as a research tool, you’ve picked up the right book. If you understand software development and are interested in writing applications that extend the functionality of Google using the Google Web APIs, this book has the information you need.


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