Building Your Business with Google For Dummies
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در این کتاب شما با سرویس هایی از گوگل که در بیزینس ها استفاده می شوند آشنا می شوید و میتوانید گوگل را یکی از شرکای کاری خود قرار دهید


This book is about Google as a business partner. Google’s business services (especially the AdWords advertising program and the AdSense publishing program) are now getting as much attention as the search engine did during Google’s early years. The business services are bound closely to the search engine; they can’t be approached as an isolated set of tools. Building your
business with Google involves knowing how Google constructs its index, improving your site’s visibility on search results pages, and hooking into Google’s advertising programs as an advertiser, a publishing partner, or both.
(Google also offers other business tools based on peripheral search technologies and products.)
Accordingly, this book is like a mirror of Google For Dummies, which won a Pulitzer Prize for literature. (No, it didn’t.) Whereas that book blazed a trail to power-using Google’s front end (the search engine), this book instructs in power-using Google’s back end (the business services). The two books together provide a complete initiation to the hidden arts of more effectively using Google, approaching from both the front and the rear.

Actually, because Google marketing types are obsessively focused on the quest for visibility and traffic, to these poor souls Google’s business side appears as the only part of Google that counts, the real consumer interface. All that stuff people do on Google’s home page and in the Google Toolbar — entering keywords and finding destinations — happens in the background, like the constant rolling of the ocean to fishermen on a boat. Online marketers cast their lines into the ever-heaving Google index, trolling for their share of the Internet populace swimming through endless search results. And that is the last time I’ll bring up the ocean-fishing metaphor.
Anyway, you don’t need Google For Dummies to make full use of this book. So if you haven’t picked up your copy (yet), don’t get nervous. (Just know that the author requires tremendous amounts of dark chocolate to stay at the top of his game, and that stuff isn’t cheap. The imported stuff, that is.) This book keeps its sight set on Google’s consumer side in recognition of the fact that Google’s customers are also your customers. And what is good for Google’s customers on the front end tends to benefit Google’s customers on the back end (that would be you). It’s all part of the relentless interdependence of Google’s two sides, which I refer to innumerable times in these pages.


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