C++ for Dummies 5th Ed
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در این کتاب آموزش سی پلاس پلاس به طور پایه ای شروع می شود و در نهایت می توانید یک برنامه نویس برنامه های تحت ویندوز در سطح حرفه ای شوید

C++ For Dummies is an introduction to the C++ language. C++ For Dummies starts from the beginning (where else?) and works its way from early concepts and through more sophisticated techniques. It doesn’t assume that you have any prior knowledge, at least, not of programming.
C++ For Dummies is rife with examples. Every concept is documented in numerous snippets and several complete programs.
Unlike other C++ programming books, C++ For Dummies considers the “why” just as important as the “how.” The features of C++ are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Rather than just present the features, I think it’s important that you understand how they fit together.
If you don’t understand why a particular feature is in the language, you won’t truly understand how it works. After you finish this book, you’ll be able to write a reasonable C++ program, and, just as important, you’ll understand why and how it works.
C++ For Dummies can also be used as a reference: If you want to understand what’s going on with all the template stuff, just flip to Chapter 27, and you’re there. Each chapter contains necessary references to other earlier chapters in case you don’t read the chapters in sequence.
C++ For Dummies is not operating- or system-specific. It is just as useful to Unix or Linux programmers as it is to Windows-based developers. C++ For Dummies doesn’t cover Windows or .NET programming. You have to master C++ before you can move on to Windows and .NET programming.


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