C Sharp 2005 For Dummies
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The goal of this book is to explain C# to you, but to write actual programs you need a specific coding environment. We’re betting that most readers will be using Microsoft Visual Studio, although we do provide alternatives. In basing the book on Visual Studio, we’ve tried to keep the Visual Studio portions to a reasonable minimum. we could just tell you, “Run your program any way you want,” but instead we may say, “Execute your C# program from Visual Studio by pressing F5.” We want you to be able to focus on the C# language and not on the mechanics of getting simple things to work.
We realize that many, if not most, readers will want to use C# to write graphical Windows applications. C# is a powerful tool for programming graphical Windows applications, but that’s only one area for using C#, and this book must focus on C# as a language. We touch briefly on graphical Windows programs in Chapter 1, but you should get a good grasp of C# before seeking another source to understand Windows programming in full. We also realize that some power users will be using C# to build Web-ready, distributed applications;

however, publishing limitations require us to draw the line somewhere. C# 2005 For Dummies does not tackle the challenges of distributed programming. The book does explain quite a bit of .NET, though, for the simple reason that much of C#’s power comes from the .NET Framework class libraries that it uses.


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