CCNA For Dummies
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In what began as a way to ensure that its resellers could also properly support its products, Cisco Systems, Inc. developed what has become the most sought after and prestigious networking certification series available. To hold any Cisco certification indicates that you know your stuff  regarding networking at a certain level. The exams developed to screen certification candidates are rigorous and downright hard. The result is that even the most knowledgeable and experienced Cisco networking professional needs at least a little help getting ready for the CCNA exam. The sole purpose of this book is to help you to shorten your preparation time for the CCNA exam.
As with all other For Dummies books, this book is a no−nonsense reference and study guide. It  focuses on the areas that are likely to be on the exam, plus it provides a little background  information here and there to help you understand some of the more complex concepts and  technologies. This book presents the facts, concepts, processes, and applications included on the  exams in step−by−step lists, tables, and figures without long explanations. The book focuses on  preparing you for the CCNA exams, not on showing off our obviously extensive and impressive  knowledge of networking and its related technologies (nor our modesty, I might add).


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