Chess for Dummies - 2nd Edition
صفحه : 387 زبان :  سال : 2005 میلادی حجم : 12.37 مگابایت رسته : رسته : 

در این کتاب شطرنج را تا سطح حرفه ای خواهید اموخت

This book is designed to help you become a better chess player in several ways: First, it contains a great deal of information and advice on how to play chess. You can also find in these pages information about how to talk about chess, which, to many players, is at least as important as knowing how to play. (Part of the fun of chess is the social element involved in discussing other people’s games — called kibitzing.) Finally, the book offers numerous suggestions on how to find other players who are just about at your own level (and how to mind your chess manners when you sit down to play!).

If you’re a beginner, the great joys of chess await you. If you’re an intermediate player, you can find in this book a wealth of material to help you improve your game and to enjoy chess even more.


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