Cisco Switching Black Book
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راهنمایی کامل برای مبتدیان و حرفه ای های شبکه، کسانی که قصد نصب و مدیریت محیط های سوئیچینگ سیسکو را داردند و شامل اطلاعاتی در مورد تکنولوژی سوئيچینگ سیسکو 

Written as a comprehensive guide for intermediate and advanced network professionals, who want to install or maintain a Cisco switching environment or learn about Cisco switching technologies. No other book thoroughly covers the advanced topics required to achieve this level of comprehensive Cisco knowledge or certification in the new CCNP curriculum. Includes valuable information for those studying for the CCNP certification including tips and hints, sample review questions and lab exercises. Explores complex topics in-depth, in the popular Black Book format, using a complete systematic approach to Cisco switching along with comprehensive examples and diagrams.


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