Complementary Medicine for Dummies
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در این کتاب داروهای تکمیلی ذکر شده اند، به عبارتی شما می توانید راه های مختلف درمانی به جز قرص ها و کپسول ها را از این کتاب فرا گیرید

The field of complementary medicine is vast, ranging from well-established therapies regulated by law through to the more unconventional ones.
I make things easy for you by covering a massive range of therapies one by one and dividing each up into bite-sized chunks that provide you with information such as what the therapy is all about, how it works, what it may be good for, what evidence supports its use, what to expect in a typical consultation, and much more. You can find out whatever you need to know with the minimum of effort and yet be fully informed with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information available.


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