Complete MBA for Dummies 2nd Ed
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مرجع کامل در مورد مدیریت MBA که برای افرادی که به مدیریت و رهبری تیم های کاری علاقه دارند بسیار مناسب است.

Complete MBA For Dummies, 2nd Edition, is full of useful information, tips, and checklists that will help anyone who aspires to lead, manage, or participate in a business at a high level of competence. Your current level of leadership and management experience doesn’t matter. For a fraction of the amount you’d pay to get your MBA, we provide you with an easily understandable roadmap to navigate today’s most innovative and effective business techniques and strategies. And if you already have your MBA, you’ll find that this book is a handy refresher and reference guide that you can carry with you wherever you go.
More good news is that the information you find within the covers of this book is firmly grounded in the real world. It isn’t an abstract collection of theoretical mumbo-jumbo that sounds good but doesn’t work when you put it to the test. No, we’ve culled the best information, the best strategies, and the best techniques — the same ones that professors teach in today’s top business schools. In short, this book is a toolbox full of solutions to your every business question and problem.


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