CompTIA A+ Certification AIO Desk Reference For Dummies
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The A+ Certification All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies is designed to be a hands-on, practical guide to help you pass the A+ certification exam. This book is written in a way that helps you understand complex technical content and prepares you to apply that knowledge to real-world scenarios.

We, the authors of this book, understand the value of a book that covers the points needed to pass the exam, but we also understand the value of ensuring that the information helps you perform IT-related tasks when you’re on the job. That is what this book offers you — key points to pass the exam combined with practical information to help you in the real world, which means that this book can be used in more than one way:

- As an exam preparation tool: This book’s key focus is to help you pass the A+ exam, and as a result is packed with exam-specific information. You should understand everything that is in this book before taking the exam, but to help identify key points that you must know, we use the For the Exam icon — watch for those as you read through the book in preparation for the A+ exam.

- As a reference: We have extensive experience in the IT industry and know the importance of ensuring that you not only can pass the exam but also can perform common computer-related tasks on the job — this is where this book’s value as a reference tool shines through.


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