Computing on Binary Strings
صفحه : 9 زبان :  سال : 2011 میلادی حجم : 129.3 کیلوبایت رسته : رسته : 

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Many problems in Computer Science can be abstracted to the following question: given a set of objects and rules respectively, which new objects can be produced? In the paper, we consider a succinct version of the question: given a set of binary strings and several operations like conjunction and disjunction, which new binary strings can be generated? Although it is a fundamental problem, to the best of our knowledge, the problem hasn’t been studied yet. In this paper, an O(m2n) algorithm is presented to determine whether a string s is representable by a set W , where n is the number of strings in W and each string has the same length m. However, looking for the minimum subset from a set to represent a given string is shown to be NP-hard. In addition, we prove that counting the number of strings representable is #P-complete. But if the operator negation can be used, the number is some power of 2. This difference maybe help us understand the problem more profoundly.


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