Decimalisation table attacks for PIN cracking
صفحه : 14 زبان :  سال : 2003 میلادی حجم :  بایت رسته : 

We present an attack on hardware security modules used by retail banks for the
secure storage and verification of customer PINs in ATM (cash machine) infrastruc-
tures. By using adaptive decimalisation tables and guesses, the maximum amount
of information is learnt about the true PIN upon each guess. It takes an average of
15 guesses to determine a four digit PIN using this technique, instead of the 5000
guesses intended. In a single 30 minute lunch-break, an attacker can thus discover
approximately 7000 PINs rather than 24 with the brute force method. With a £300
withdrawal limit per card, the potential bounty is raised from £7200 to £2.1 million
and a single motivated attacker could withdraw £30–50 thousand of this each day.
This attack thus presents a serious threat to bank security.

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