Digital SLR Cameras & Photography 2nd Ed For Dummies
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آموزش چگونگی کار کردن دوربین های اس ال ار (SLR) که یکی از حرفه ای ترین دوربین های موجود می باشند


Understanding exactly how a digital SLR (dSLR) works can help you use its exciting capabilities to their fullest potential. Whether you aim to become a serious photo hobbyist, are interested in turning pro, or want to take advantage of the improved control that dSLRs give you over your photography, this fun and friendly reference will show you how to maximize everything a dSLR has to offer so that you can improve your photography skills, increase your picture-taking and image-editing knowledge, and ultimately, take better photos.

Written with just the right balance of technology and techniques in mind, this guide provides you with the know-how on everything from getting acquainted with the basic key features of the technology (lenses, sensors and image processors, and exposure and focusing systems) to the nuances of various dSLR techniques (setting up speedy continuous-shooting burst modes to capture fast action, applying selective and sharp focus, and shooting under the lowest levels of light). Other topics explored include:


- Composing your shots with an accurate viewfinder

- Deciding how many pixels your camera needs

- Cleaning the sensor yourself

- Choosing between a tripod or monopod

- Adjusting exposure and improving shutter speed

- Creating time-lapse sequences

- Fixing murky or contrasting photos


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