Electronics Projects For Dummies
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پروژه های الکترونیکی برای ارتقاء سطح علمی و خلاقیت شما در ساخت قطعات جدید و کاربردی


If you’ve caught the electronics bug, you’re ready to try all kinds of projects that will help you develop your skills while creating weird and wonderful gadgets. That’s what this book is about: providing projects that are fun and interesting as well as helping you find out about all kinds of electronic
circuits and components.
Electronics Projects For Dummies is a great way to break into electronics or expand your electronics horizons. Here, we provide projects that allow you to dabble in using sound chips, motion detectors, light effects, and more. And all the projects are low voltage, so if you follow our safety advice, no electronics folks will be hurt in the process.


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