Engineering Mathematics
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John Bird's approach to mathematics, based on numerous worked examples supported by problems, is ideal for students of a wide range of abilities. Theory is kept to a minimum, with the emphasis firmly placed on problem-solving skills, making this a thoroughly practical introduction to the mathematics engineering students need to master.

The book presents a logical topic progression, rather than following the structure of a particular syllabus and is suitable for all Level 3 vocational students and first year undergraduates in Engineering. However, coverage has been carefully matched to the mathematics units within the 2007 BTEC National specifications.

In this fifth edition, new material on inequalities and differentiation of parametric equations, implicit and logarithmic functions as well as an introduction to differential equations has been added. The book now also includes two new revision tests and even more problems for students to work through.


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تابلو هیتر سونا پنجشنبه 10 اسفند 1396 - 12:37

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طراحی سایت

کفی عقب پنجشنبه 09 آذر 1396 - 11:50

کفی عقب

کولر گازی کم مصرف پنجشنبه 09 آذر 1396 - 11:42

کولر گازی کم مصرف

هاست ویندوز پنجشنبه 09 آذر 1396 - 10:44

ممنون از اشتراک گذاریتون

دوربین مدار بسته پنجشنبه 09 آذر 1396 - 10:37

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