Essential C++ (The C++ In-depth Series)  Bjrane Strustrup
صفحه : 244 زبان :  سال : 2002 میلادی حجم : 1.45 مگابایت رسته : 
این کتاب از مجموعه سری استراستروپ خالق سی پلاس پلاس است.
Essential C++ offers a fast-track to learning and working with C++. This book is specifically designed to bring you up to speed in a short amount of time. It focuses on the elements of C++ programming that you are most likely to encounter and examines features and techniques that help solve real-world programming challenges. Essential C++ presents the basics of C++ in the context of procedural, generic, object-based, and object-oriented programming. It is organized around a series of increasingly complex programming problems, and language features are introduced as solutions to these problems. In this way you will not only learn about the functions and structure of C++, but will understand their purpose and rationale.

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