Expert Podcasting Practices For Dummies
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This book is written for — and by — podcasters. It’s filled with a series of practices, tips, tools, and
techniques designed to take your podcast “to the next level” — whatever the heck that means to you.
By its very nature, a podcast can be many things toذmany different people. We understand that and have tried very hard to assemble practices that are helpful to the widest possible audience of podcasters.
We cover a lot of technical territory in this book, from choosing better headphones to switching to
a video-podcasting format. We also help define the softer side of podcasting — helping you understand your options for scripting and providing suggestions for generating more audience interaction. Yet we’re not afraid to take on the heavier issues, and we offer some definite opinions on advertising, networks, and the ever-present issue of podfading (disappearing from the podosphere — yes, it does happen).

While we don’t promise to answer all possible questions in this book, we do provide a lot of perspective for the podcaster looking to break new ground, try new things, or even breathe new life into a floundering project. Some advice is very specific, some much more general. But all of it — we hope — will be of use to someone wishing to make a podcast even better.


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