Healthy Aging For Dummies
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این کتاب مربوط به تکنیک های افزایش سن و همینطور طریقه زندگی سالم می باشد، متن زیر بخشی از معرفی این کتاب به زبان انگلیسی می باشد :


This book is an excellent choice if you want to maximize your body’s potential now and for as long as you own it. Whether you want to make a small adjustment, need some fine-tuning, or have to make a major overhaul, you find helpful advice in the pages of this book.
Our goal is to lay out the reasons why your body ages, explain the normal course of aging, and show you how aging is accelerated by your lifestyle choices. We’ve also given you information on how to prevent or reverse the effects of aging, disease, and illness.


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