HTML 4 for Dummies 5th Edition
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آشنایی با اچ تی ام ال 4 از سری کتاب های فور دامیز

Are you fascinated by the look and design of Web pages? Do you wish that you had the knowledge and skills to create a great looking Web site? Whether you’re an up-and-coming Web designer or just an enthusiastic hobbyist, you are probably using HTML, the standard authoring language for the Internet. HTML 4 For Dummies, now in its 5th edition, will show you the basics of working with this language as well as advanced skills for all-around knowledge.
HTML is used to create Web documents. As a standard issued by the World Wide Web Consortium, it is used by almost everyone to create and edit Web pages. HTML is capable of:
  • Creating a Web site
  • Inserting designs to a Web page
  • Running on both PCs and Macs

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