Illustrated C# 2008
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راهنمای جامع سی شارپ ۲۰۰۸
C# is the most influential language on the .NET platform. As Microsoft’s preferred language it has established a solid user base over recent versions and is drawing in developers from older technologies at an ever increasing rate.
This book caters to that migrating audience. Developers already familiar with the basic concepts of a programming language (any programming language) often find the traditional compendium-based ‘beginner’s guides’ heavy and difficult to read as they spend a lot of time explaining concepts the reader already understands from their previous technology.
Illustrated C# is an antidote to this. It packs the essentials of the C# language into just 600 pages, using an array of visual styles to provide a clear, fast, reference to the core of the technology. It’s a book migrating developers can read in a day and grasp enough of the language to find their feet and move confidently onto the .NET platform.

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