The Philosopher's Toolkit
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این کتاب راجع به ابزاری صحبت کرده است که در مباحث فلسفی به آنها نیاز خواهید داشت.

این کتاب یکی از پایه ای ترین کتب مورد نیاز برای هر انسان می باشد.

سایت 4پایه به شما خواندن این کتاب را پیشنهاد می کند.


The second edition of this popular compendium provides the necessary intellectual equipment to engage with and participate in effective philosophical argument, reading, and reflection


- Features significantly revised, updated and expanded entries, and an entirely new section drawn from methods in the history of philosophy

- This edition has a broad, pluralistic approach--appealing to readers in both continental philosophy and the history of philosophy, as well as analytic philosophy

- Explains difficult concepts in an easily accessible manner, and addresses the use and application of these concepts

- Proven useful to philosophy students at both beginning and advanced levels


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