Software Architecture Design Patterns in Java
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مهندسین نرم افزار و دانش جویان علوم کامپیوتر نیازمند منبعی هستند تا چگونگی طراحی الگوها در سطح تجاری را درک کرده و بتوانند سیستم هایی با پایداری و دقت بالا طراحی و ایجاد کنند. 

Software engineering and computer science students need a resource that explains how to apply design patterns at the enterprise level, allowing them to design and implement systems of high stability and quality.

Software Architecture Design Patterns in Java is a detailed explanation of how to apply design patterns and develop software architectures. It provides in-depth examples in Java, and guides students by detailing when, why, and how to use specific patterns. 

This textbook presents 42 design patterns, including 23 GoF patterns. Categories include: Basic, Creational, Collectional, Structural, Behavioral, and Concurrency, with multiple examples for each. The discussion of each pattern includes an example implemented in Java. The source code for all examples is found on a companion Web site.

The author explains the content so that it is easy to understand, and each pattern discussion includes Practice Questions to aid instructors. The textbook concludes with a case study that pulls several patterns together to demonstrate how patterns are not applied in isolation, but collaborate within domains to solve complicated problems.


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