Wireless Sensor Networks A Networking Perspective
صفحه : - زبان :  سال : 2009 میلادی حجم : 3.26 مگابایت رسته : 

This book provides a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the fundamental concepts, major challenges, and effective solutions in wireless sensor networking (WSN). Distinguished from other books, it focuses on the networking aspects of WSNs and covers the most important networking issues, including network architecture design, medium access control, routing and data dissemination, node clustering, node localization, query processing, data aggregation, transport and quality of service, time synchronization, network security, and sensor network standards.

With contributions from internationally renowned researchers, Wireless Sensor Networks expertly strikes a balance between fundamental concepts and state-of-the-art technologies, providing readers with unprecedented insights into WSNs from a networking perspective. It is essential reading for a broad audience, including academic researchers, research engineers, and practitioners in industry. It is also suitable as a textbook or supplementary reading for electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science courses at the graduate level.


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